Monday, May 31, 2010

Would you sponser a child?

I know lots of people sponsor kids through various organizations. Each organization has its own program and the ultimate goal is to make life better for children in third world countries.We can't even imagine what come of these kids go through. When I think of my own children being in situations such as those of kids in these countries, it makes me ache with pain. My children will always have:

-parents to hug and kiss them
-food for their bellies
-access to medicine
-the opportunity for an education
-toys to play with
-a safe home to grow up in
-shelter in times of storms

I can't even think what life would be like for my kids if they did not have these basic things. If you do not support a child in need please think about doing so. Yes there is a cost BUT the cost for you not doing so is greater. The blessings you receive always outweigh the costs. The blessings these kids receive are out of this world.

In Ghana 45% of the people live on less than $1 a day
60% of children are involved in child labor or child slavery
If you are interested in helping these kids, please click on the link in the side column.
$35 a month will help one of these kids.
They will be in the safety of a caring orphanage with access to all their needs.
They will be fed physically and spiritually.
You will have the opportunity to correspond with your child through e-mail and the occasional phone call-I don't know of any other organization to offer that.
Please check out this site and you will be touched by these brave kids.
My son who is 15 sponsors a boy who is also 15. Sometimes this is 2/3 of his weekly paycheck.
These kids pictured here are only a few of the children.