Friday, December 2, 2011

2 Months

I can hardly believe that it has already been 2 months since we stepped into the Toronto airport. I have not been a good blogger. Nor do I intend on being one. I guess I mainly set up my blog to keep people updated on the progress of our adoption. I have found that I do not enjoy blogging. I reminds me to much of my english classes. I have always been bad at journaling. My poor kids won't have too much written down about their growing up years. I have taken a lot of pictures though.
Things have been going well with Eyob (all things considering). We had been home only 2 weeks trying to set routines and adjust to each other when my husbands mother took a turn for the worse. I had mentioned her in a previous blog. She developed a blood disorder about 7 years ago and it was only a matter of time. My prayer was that she would meet Eyob. That prayer was answered- thank you God. She went into paliative care in her home and that meant we wanted to spend as much time with her as we could. The next 2 weeks were a blur of visiting and helping take care of her. Eyob was bounced around between their house, friends houses and staying home with my older kids. I must say he was somewhat miserable at times. He did end up bonding a lot with aunts, uncles and cousins. One of his favorite's was his grandpa. And so many days he was able to get his grandma smiling dispite all the pain she was in. He literaly was a gift from God. All those times in the summer when I wondered about God's timing. My questions were all answered. He was the LIFE in a time when there was so much pain and ultimately death. Everyone loved having him around just to listen to him and watch him. On November 8th my dear mother-in-law went home to be with her savior. We made Eyob a part of the crazy days to follow. Everyone wanted him around just so we could smile. He was the positive energy (if I can say that??) at the visitations. He was the joy at the funeral (wierd to say that). When my husband went on stage to say the eulogy, Eyob wriggled out of our seat and went up on stage to hold his daddy's hand. Oh how that touched everyone.
We are now about 2 1/2 weeks post funeral and I finally feel like we are finally getting our groove. Eyob has an amazing ability to make everyone laugh. He freely gives hugs and kisses to everyone in the family. He loves to play with his siblings and farm with his daddy and grocery shop with his mommy. ( And yes there are times when he frustrates me beyond belief). He just seems like a very typical almost 3 year old.
All those times I felt like giving up on the adoption. I think of everything I would have missed out on. It blows my mind that I almost didn't have this amazing blessing. I know there will still be challenges ahead. We don't have all the answers. I have raised 4 kids and know that they can all be unpredictable and all have their seasons where they go through tough stuff. We expect no different from Eyob. We know that we will experience great joys and also great frustrations. That's all part of growing and we hope and pray that he will grow into a strong young man.
I probably will not post a whole lot after this. I am not quite ready to loose my connection with all my cyber friends I've made. I hope to rejoice with some of you when I hear of your referals and when your kids become part of your families.
I pray that you will all have a blessed Christmas with friends and family. Hold tight to God.

I'm having a hard time uploading some new pictures. Crazy internet out in the country. I'll try and get some new ones soon.