Sunday, October 24, 2010

Orphans in Ghana

As most of you know, we originally were going to adopt from Ghana. That turned into a huge political struggle on both sides of the continent. Ghana was going through social reform and thought it best to close down a lot of their orphanages. The orphanage that Imagine was working with was closed down because of alleged trafficking charges. These charges were eventually dropped but the damage was done. The man behind all these changes and these charges is the director of Social Welfare. He went throughout the country closing down orphanages and sending children back to the villages they came from or back to family, no matter how distant. Often these children were sent back into extreme poverty and were not received well by family members. They were another mouth to feed. ( How sad to go back to family who does not want you) I heard of two infants dieing within months of going back to their village. These were children that were matched with waiting families in Canada. But because of lack of interest of the Canadian government and the stubbornness of the director of social welfare these children would not live long. The director of Social Welfare has his own orphanage that is run by him. This orphanage was obviously not shut down but should have been. An investigative reporter has gone in undercover and taken some disturbing footage of life in the Osu Children's Home. It reminds me of the news stories of the homes in Romania. It's a 6 part series and you can view this on YOUTUBE. Search for Osu children's home. But please don't allow your children to watch these.
I must add that there were many loving orphanages that were shut down by the Director. I don't really know everything that happened there to close down the Ghana adoption program. I know that it was probably not going to happen even if there were no trafficking charges. The Canadian High Commission in Ghana frowns upon international adoption. I guess they figure that it is better for these children to languish in orphanages than find a forever family.
As I watch these short videos I am once again angry. Angry that our government is to lazy to work out a simple adoption program with another country (Ghana would not oppose adoptions to Canada). Angry that children are living this horrible nightmare when we would have gladly adopted one or two. Angry that the citizens of this world are more concerned with their next GREAT TOY than they are for orphans. Even most christians I know could not possibly support an oprhan because they are to busy thinking of themselves. I am angry that I had to give up adopting a beautiful girl named Mariam ( she would have been with us for over a year already). Angry that international adoptions have to be so complicated in this free country of Canada. Angry that there are many childless couples longing for one of these children. Angry that families in the States could complete 3 adoptions in the time it will take me to complete one. Angry that it seems like there is absolutely nothing I can do about any of this
I can however pray.
Pray that the hearts of our government will be changed.
Pray that adoptions in Ghana will be available
Pray that the hearts of people everywhere will be turned to the plight of the orphans.
Pray that the church takes serious the command to take care of orphans.

Sunday Nov. 7th is Orphan Sunday. Please if you are not already doing something look into what you can do for an orphan. There are many organizations that you can support. Check out some of my favorite links in the top corner. Better yet, think seriously of adoption.

Osu Children's Home in Ghana

Friday, October 22, 2010

Still alive.

Yes, I am still alive. I  survived (just barely) my birthday week. I threw in a couple of Thanksgiving family gatherings just to make sure I didn't get too bored. Add on cross country meet, soccer tournament,2 ortho appointments,2 dentist appointments, and a full day at the hospital with my dear mother-in-law in the weeks following (and absolutely no movement on the adoption scene) and I'm now ready to take a deep breath and chill for a while. I really don't have anything exciting to post but thought I should let everyone know that absolutley nothing is happening with referals. It's been at least 6 weeks since the last one and even then it was only one in the month of Sept. How can this possibly take so long? I'm at a loss. I know there are people who have been waiting longer than me that are just hurting right now. There are kids that have been separated from everything they know that are confused and in pain and need a stable home. I also do know that God loves them and I trust that He is control. I am excited for some dear people who have been receiving visas after a very long wait. Enjoy those little ones.
The weekend is almost upon me and I actually enjoy the reprieve from any expectations about this adoption. I know that any phone calls can not be about the adoption. I look forward to the end of one dissapointing week and the start of a week filled with expectations. I enjoy having my kids home to keep me busy and keep my mind off the wait. My dear farmer husband is ours for the whole day of Sunday. Thank you God for weekends.

Friday, October 1, 2010


That's the comment I get every year at this time. The first week of Oct. is crazy for me. Three of my kids have their birthdays. Kelsey is on the 4th and Kyle and Zach are on the 7th. To top it off I also have a nephew's birthday on the 7th and my father-in-law's is on the 5th. And let us not forget Thanksgiving which gets thrown in there somewhere. What was I thinking??? Well if you go back 9 months it's our anniversay. So that would be a reasonable explanation.  But the real explanation is 2 miscarrages. I never intended on having 3 Oct. babies but I guess God had other plans. I just pray that God does not plan on our Ethiopian child to have a birthday the same time. So pray that I remain sane over the nezt week.

No new adoption news. There was only 1 referal for the month of Sept. How discouraging. Hopefully the new orphanage will have some children ready with their documents soon.