Friday, October 21, 2011

4 weeks

I can't believe that we have been home 4 weeks today. It seems to have gone so fast and yet it seems like we have had Eyob forever. Eyob seems like a well adjusted typical 2 yr old. One moment he can frustrate me and the next moment he has me rolling with laughter. This evening seemed like one comedy routine after another. In Ethiopia we ( that's you as well Ashleigh) assumed that he was a calm mild mannered boy. He is anything but. He is busy, funny and stubborn.
We have been battling with food issues. He does not want eat a lot of the things we make. I totally expected this but am still frustrated by it. Lately he has been putting different things in his mouth and testing them. If we would let him eat cereal 3 meals a day he would be a happy camper.
Another struggle that just surfaced over the last few days is wearing winter gear. He HATES his winter coat and hat. It could be a long cold winter for him if he doesn't give in on this one. Wait until we try the snowpants. Hmmm. That could be interesting.
On the whole he is a happy delightful little guy. He sleeps through the night. That happened about the second week with a bit of training from me. I know a lot of people bring their little ones (especially newly adopted children) into bed with them but I can't do it. I'm an insomniac on good days and to have a squirming toddler in bed with me means no sleep at all. I need to be a refreshed good mom during the day. He also has naps every day. That makes an "old, exhausted" mother happy.
He LOVES his siblings. It's so fun to watch them all interact with him in different ways. I get a kick out of watching our 17 yr old son sit down and look at car magazines with him. He cries every morning when they go off to school. He loves to go on outings. So far he's an amazing little shopper. He loves all the big farm machinery he gets to go in with his daddy.
I'm in awe that this little guy was entrusted to us. God allowed us the privilege of raising Eyob and our other 4 wonderful bio kids. I think that about sums up my feelings at this moment.


Natalie and Chris said...

Congratulations guys. Sorry I just now read your blog and you have already been home 4 weeks. Life with a baby is way more busy than expected. He is super sweet and i'm so happy to see him home where he belongs. It's been a long journey since PRIDE training but you stuck it out and look at you know, your forever family is complete. Congrats again.

Jess said...

aww.. he his so sweet! Glad to hear things are going well. :)

Anna said...

I love the pictures of Eyob with his siblings!!! I can't believe you've been home already for 4 weeks. I hear you in regards to the sleep thing! I would love to meet him some day! Sounds like things are going quite well. What a blessing!!

Ashleigh, Ben, Noah, Tait, and Makeda said...

Ha ha...I had to laugh that I totally know what you're talking about with my/our impressions in E. I'm happy to hear he sounds like a 'normal' toddler. And, even happier to hear he is such a blessing and your family is adjusting better than you could have ever imagined. I too often look at Makeda in wonder and awe at the knowledge that she was the one entrusted to us. It truly is a privilege...but YES they both need to get with the game when it comes to winter gear!!! At least M can't run away from me. :)
...I was just wondering yesterday if Eyob had been out helping his Daddy like his siblings did when they were young.

Connie said...

Great update! What a little darling! Sounds like lots of fun!