Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1 Year today

It was one year today that we got the best phone call ever. A year since the referral of our sweet little Eyob. Hard to believe that this year has gone so fast but at times (waiting for court) seemed to take forever. I feel so blessed to be chosen to be his mom. We are so blessed to have him in our family. He has been an absolute joy to have around. We literally fight over who gets to snuggle with him when we watch a movie. He is all boy (busy, busy, busy). But one great snuggler and hugger and kisser. My only regret is that there is only one of him.

referral picture

                                                                         Eyob now!!

With those eyes he can get away with almost anything.
We are so thankful that God carried us through the waiting and we did not give up. He has blessed us beyond what we ever dreamed.


Joy said...

Wishing you even more joy and beauty with your sweet boy in the coming years!

Jennifer said...

I never saw your referral pic of Eyob! He's changed soooo much! I'm totally in love with his eye lashes!!! Too cute!