Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Small Miracle

At this point I will take any good news I can get. I found out that MOWA has sent in their supporting statement and now it needs to go back to the judge to be signed (a formality) and then they give us a new court date. This all should be done within the next couple of weeks. I was told that they are now booking court into mid Oct. and that seems like an eternity away especially since we have waited so long. Pray that we will get one before that. It's a possibility since we have already done the birth family court . I'm not sure how it works but I'm guessing that those with mid Oct court dates are that late because they have to do birth family court before that and court only resumes Sept. 26th. Please pray with me that we will get a early court date.
2 more months!!!!! It seems like forever but it isn't really.
I received this info today while in the car and was listening to a Christian radio station. A few minutes after the call a song by Downhere (I think that's the name) came on and the few lyrics that stood out were "HOPE, IT IS RISING.....". So suitable for the moment. It does feel like hope is bubbling up and that there is possibly an end in site.


Joy said...


Anna said...

Yes, Hope is rising! Hang in there and I'll pray that you get a court date soon.

BCMommy said...

Well, least this part is over and done with. Now they just need to get you that quick court date!!!

I think of you often, Elsie, and I am so hopeful that everything will come together quickly for you and your little one will be home soon!